If you find yourself asking similar questions to these, we may be able to help ?

We are looking to buy some new machines / Applainces and don’t know if we have the electrical capacity to do so, how can we find out ?

We are planning to build an extension, outbuilding, workshop etc and the DNO are asking technical questions about our electricity usage and I don’t know what they mean ?

Are you doubting your smart meter ? Or unsure if you are paying the correct amount each Month ?

We Are looking to increase our factory footprint and need to know how much capacity we have to expand ?

I have recently received a huge electricity bill and it doesn’t seem right ?

We are wanting to add a solar PV system to our factory or House and need to know how much electricity we use over a 7 day period to work out what battery storage is needed 

We seem to be using a lot of electricity even if we are away or the factory is shut is there anyway of finding out what is still running without us knowing about it?

We now have a Data logger for hire which we can connect to your electrical installation and monitor your usage taking a reading every 1 minute, the logger will the be left on your system for the duration you require and we will be able to produce easy to read graphs of your power consumption 24 hours a day

Data logger 1